Monkey Business

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“Monkey business” – a witty and whimsical piece that will brighten up any space and spark a conversation.


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Monkey Business” is a vibrant and playful artwork. It explores the themes of communication, technology, and humor.
The artwork features three yellow figures covering their eyes with their hands, as if they are hiding from something or pretending not to see.
The figures are inspired by the emoji of the monkey that covers its eyes, which is often used in mobile texting to express a sense of embarrassment, awkwardness, or hilarity.

The figures are set against a textured pink background, creating a striking contrast and a dynamic composition.
The artwork invites the viewer to reflect on the role of mobile texting in our lives, and how it can create both funny and frustrating situations.

The picture is in a form of pop surrealism, also known as lowbrow art. It’s an art movement that combines elements from popular culture and mass media with surrealistic and abstract forms.”