Lights of Hope

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“Lights of Hope” – a beautiful harmonious piece of art.


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“Lights of Hope” is a mesmerizing painting that transports viewers to a serene and mystical world.
The artwork captures a solitary figure, enveloped in the gentle embrace of the night, surrounded by the tranquil waters that reflect the ethereal glow of numerous lights.

Each light symbolizes a beacon of hope, illuminating the darkness. The harmonious blend of dark and light tones evokes deep emotions, inviting you to this captivating scene of silent reflection and profound beauty.
The painting is not strictly impressionistic, but rather semi-abstract. We have some elements of impressionism, such as the play of light and shadow, the reflection of the water, and the contrast between dark and light tones. However, she also adds a lot of symbolism and emotion to her painting, which is not typical of impressionism. She creates a mystical and serene atmosphere, rather than a realistic and objective one. She also uses more defined shapes and forms, rather than loose and blurry ones. Therefore, the painting style is more influenced by impressionism, but not limited by it.