The Japanese Peacock

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The Japanese Peacock is a unique painting perfect as a gift or a special addition to your collection which will bring you joy on a daily basis.


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This painting is a beautiful blend of ethereal beauty and spiritual symbolism. A figure, whose identity remains a mystery due to the obscured face, stands amidst an explosion of vibrant peacock feathers, each quill pulsating with life and energy. The figure’s attire, elegant and flowing, merges seamlessly with the peacock’s majestic plumage, suggesting a deep, intrinsic connection between human and animal spirit. In the realm of spirituality, the peacock is often regarded as a totem of integrity and beauty. We can interpret this artwork as an embodiment of the transformation one undergoes when aligning with their inner truth – as radiant and diverse as the colors that dance across each feather.The beautiful image is printed on quality art paper as Giclee print.